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Leasing in Brunei

Your One Stop Motoring Solution Tailored For Your Needs – Hertz is the Right Choice For You


Why lease a car?
Worry about commitments of owning a car? Hertz fully maintained lease allows you to enjoy the luxury of driving while you divert your money for better use.


What Hertz Lease can do for you?
* No heavy outlay
* Conserve lines of credit
* Guaranteed replacement minimizes downtime
* Save on high cost of vehicle maintenance
* Classification of company car as an expense rather than an asset
* Reduce paperwork and administrative expenses involved in fleet ownership
* Avoid obsolescence or old model
* Avoid disposal loss
* Zero risk on depreciation cost
* Motor insurance coverage and Road Tax included


Throughout the lease period, Hertz undertake full maintenance and servicing, all road tax and insurance matters, provide replacement vehicles during servicing or accident repairs, fuel management services and at the end of the term, a hassle free service.


Hertz Fleet Management Services is an economic solution with significant cost benefit when you outsource your fleet management to Hertz and let us take care of your vehicles, maintenance and replacement costs.



Hertz Brunei Corporate Sales
Hotline: 673-872-6000 and Fax: 673-239-0308
Business Hours: 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday

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