Hertz Car Sales have a selection of nearly new, used cars and vans to choose from.
Our wide selection of low mileage and high specification vehicles, all serviced to manufacturers guidelines, are available to trade and private buyers at terrific prices.


Vehicles are defleeted at a range of miles and age to offer great choice. We operate an extensive "in life" maintenance program which includes servicing to the manufacturers service schedule.


A name you can trust


Hertz has become the world's number one car rental company by providing the highest levels of service, quality and care.

A completely new way to buy your next car 

Our Rent2Buy programme takes the guess work out of buying your next car. What we offer is up to 5 days rental to test drive your chosen vehicle before making the decision to buy. If you do decide to buy, then the basic rental fees are waived. There's no need to return it either since we will post all the relevant paperwork to your home address.

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Contact Us


If you would like more details about current or future stock, please call one of our team Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.


Rent2Buy (Customer Care Team)

Phone: 0207 365 9035


Trade Customers: Please call 01733 895041 – to register on our Hertz Remarketing Website